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Ville :Bedfordview
Pays :
Afrique du Sud
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Intérim, recrutement
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Description de l'entreprise

We at Performer Recruitment are a team of passionate individuals specialising in select industries throughout South Africa and African regions; focusing specifically on FMCG companies and interested candidates.
Since 2005, we have developed years of experience in acquisition management; striving to find South Africa’s top talent and partnering them with award-winning companies to work for; whilst forming lasting professional relationships between us and prospective clients.

As a reputable recruitment agency, we care for both Clients and Candidates, ensuring each placement is the perfect fit! Through careful screening by checking qualifications on a national and global level, we oversee correct placement between individuals and prospective organisations.

Thus, as a 100% procurement recognition company specialising in Permanent, Contract, Temporary, and Outsourcing Solutions, we pride ourselves in helping organisations find the perfect candidates through careful screening methods and professional approaches; ensuring that each position is filled in a timely manner according to the client’s needs.

At Performer Recruitment, we not only care about organisations finding the perfect, most qualified candidates for the required positions, we also ensure the preparedness of our candidates; offering CV assistance, candidate coaching, and interview preparation techniques in order to guarantee success.

Our team of highly qualified headhunters performs thorough verification checks during our search for role placements by following strict guidelines placed by employers. Thus, you can rest assured that your organisation is in good hands when it comes to acquiring candidates to represent your brand.