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Ville :Bukavu
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Congo (R.D.C.)
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Description de l'entreprise

ECI was founded by Ben Affleck and Whitney Williams ten years ago to advocate for the boundless potential of the Congolese people, strengthen markets for Congolese goods, and invest directly in the community-based organizations that are rebuilding Congolese society from the ground up.

Starting in 2019, ECI became part of Alight, a team with deep experience in co-designing solutions that create new value around the world. As part of that merger, ECI acquired Asili, a revolutionary social enterprise platform that reinvents humanitarian aid as startup capital for self-sustaining businesses, operated by and for the communities who need them.

Together, ECI and Asili are making international development funds go farther than ever before — and fundamentally change how the world thinks of humanitarian aid. ECI does advocacy and grantmaking help build a thriving civil society in ways markets can’t, and we’re building a sustainable local marketplace to strengthen local economies in ways philanthropy can’t.