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Profil de l´entreprise

Entreprise :NETIS RDC
Ville :Kinshasa
Pays :
Congo (R.D.C.)
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Site Internet :

Description de l'entreprise

NETIS (Networks, Industry and Services) has more than 10 years of African expertise in the field of telecommunications. We position our company as a leading provider for our core businesses :

- Maintenance and support of cellular and FTTH networks (passive + active) for Operators, Vendors and Tower Co.

- Turnkey network deployment for Mobile Telecom operators and vendors. - Mobile 2G to 5 G expertise - MW transmission

- MF Radio and TNT Broadcasting

- FTTX and FTTH fiber optic networks, from field surveys to design, and from cable pulling to customer installation.

- Design and manufacturing partnership for towers and galvanized accessories required for engineering and industrial applications.

- Provision of generators, power systems, solar solutions, environmental systems & related products, batteries, IPBX ...

- Supplier of telecommunication infrastructures products: Shelters, Site access control systems, Hybrid Power management ...

We also provide emergent technologies and innovative services :

- Infrastructures and environmental audit expertise using UAV/Drones and advanced analysis and mapping facilities.

- 3D mapping and web based GIS platform


NETIS is now present in more than 10 countries through permanent offices and thanks to this presence in Africa, Netis has been able to establish partnerships with major operators, equipment manufacturers, governments and companies in Africa. The experience that has resulted allows Netis to offer its customers quality work, while remaining competitive, making it a partner of choice for all telecom activities on the continent.