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Profil de l´entreprise

Entreprise :ALPHA-NEW SARL
Ville :Kinshasa
Pays :
Congo (R.D.C.)
Secteur d´activité :
Éducation, formation
Évènementiel, hôte(sse), accueil
Hôtellerie, restauration
Site Internet :
Description de l'entreprise

ALPHA-NEW SARL is a social enterprise promoting jobs in the countryside, addressing unemployment and empowering artisanal and industrial industries in the Democratic Republic of Congo in terms of value addition to natural resources (agricultural and mineral commodities). We envision a developed Congolese society where everyone prosper and every community thrive through a responsible exploitation of Natural Resources. Our business includes agriculture, commodity value addition and trade, minerals and metals.

We believe that there must be equal distribution of wealth, and the GAP between the rich and the poor must be eliminated. We invest to the future of this beautiful and rich country: Congo (DRC). We tackle fundamental social and economic development problems by enhancing efficient business practices, effective governance, use of appropriate technology, access to financial services and access to markets.